Las Torres de Lucca. International Journal of Political Philosophy

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The reception of submissions is permanent and independent of the thematic proposals of the dossiers. All articles must be thematically covered in the editorial policy. Two issues per year are published.

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The Journal Las Torres de Lucca, continuing its goal of becoming an open and free magazine, has incorporated the section "Dossier". This section is meant to publish compilations of articles on a specific topic proposed by the dossier coordinator.

N° 14 (June 2019): Modernity as a Historical Experience and its Crises. Alternative Courses, Theoretical Approaches and Repercussions on Contemporary Thought.

N° 15 (December 2019): Cornelius Castoriadis. A philosopher to think about the present.

N° 16 (June 2020): Feminist Political Theory: Tensions, Dilemmas and Debates.

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Vol 7, No 12 (2018): January-June

Dossier: Exile as a political figure.

Published: 30/6/2017

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