The scientific scope of Las Torres de Lucca (International Journal of Political Philosophy) will be to comprehend the characteristics of political philosophy, in line with the interdisciplinary character that has operated in this field during the last several years. We welcome contributions from the areas traditionally linked directly to political philosophy (moral philosophy, philosophy of law), as well as those that have been incorporated up to the present day (political economy, philosophy of history, psychology, neurophysiology and, to a lesser extent, other sciences) as long as their scope is focused on the treatment of public affairs and sheds light on contemporary political reflections. In the same way, the reference to classic problems should be brought to bear on contemporary questions. [+ Read more]

Las Torres de Lucca, Revista Internacional de Filosofía Política

Edited by: Grupo de Investigación "Ética, política y derechos humanos en la sociedad tecnológica" (Ref. 941719), Univ. Complutense de Madrid

Director: Juan Antonio Fernández Manzano

ISSN: 2255-3827

Periodicity: two issues per year

First Issue: Enero 2012

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